Oh Simpsons, when did this happen to you?

August 23, 2011

“The Simpsons is amazing. It’s probably the best cartoon on TV today. Possibly even the best thing on TV. With it’s subtle wit and its intelligent comment on the issues of today”

Now that’s a pretty bold statement, but it is exactly how I felt back in the mid-90’s early 00’s. Or at least that’s what I meant when I said “Like, wow! Yeah, The Simpsons is so awesome and cool! And it’s realistic, too. Kinda…Wanna trade me a Ghastly?”

Because, you know, I was about 10 at the time.

When I was still young, and still enjoying The Simpsons, I thought that the opening statement would remain true forever, that it could only get better, and that I’d be enjoying new Simpsons episodes until I was mega old (Like, 30ish). Sadly this was just another one of my childish delusions, and as time ticked on The Simpsons slowly lost its grip and fell into decline, taking my childhood hopes and dreams along with it. Bastards.

Although the demise of The Simpsons was definitely the one thing that created the jaded, misanthropic mess of a man that I am today, I have no idea when the show started to turn.

When did The Simpsons become what it is today: the ghost of a much greater show.

Was it the move to HD? Was it after, or before the movie? Is there even a defining moment?

I would really like to know what you (yes, you) have to say about this.


6 Responses to “Oh Simpsons, when did this happen to you?”

  1. Jade Knox said

    went shit for me when i started comparing it to family guy…

    love knox.

  2. Graham Tate said

    It’s still funny and i still like the characters, they’ve just done everything, the characters can;t be expanded anymore.

    I only watch american cartoons for a laugh, some of them go into deeper issues (mainly MTV cartoons… like Daria and Downtown) But in general american cartoons are just supposed to be funny.

    And yeh, The Simpsons used to be more dramatic in the ‘Simpsons sing the blues’ era, but you know.. whatevs..

    • Simpsons is still funny, and it’s still a good cartoon. But when you compare it to itself, the good ol’ days, it just doesn’t stand up.

      But then again I might be looking at this through some hefty rose tinted glasses, but whatever, I’m allowing myself some nostalgia on this one.

  3. Charlie Sweatpants said

    Season 10 (1998-1999). There are are more episodes I basically never watch in Season 10 than there are in Seasons 1-9 put together.

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